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Arc Hotel Restaurant

Zeeland tradition with a Mediterranean touch

In the kitchen of Brasserie Arc en Bleu is cooked according to Zeeland tradition with a Mediterranean touch. The specialties of Brasserie Arc en Bleu are distinguished by regional products from the region and fish, crustaceans and shellfish from the Oosterschelde. The quality and diversity guarantee honest and above all delicious dishes. Every season has its own specialty and the kitchen responds to that. If you do not see anything on the card, it will be ordered in advance for you. I would like to reserve a few days in advance.

The chef and staff at Hampshire - ArcHotelZeeland will make you feel at home all day long. Not only with lunch and dinner, but also with a drink on the terrace or at the bar. To make it extra cozy, the fire goes on when the outside is cold and inclined.

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