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At Hampshire-ArcHotelZeeland you can choose from two meeting rooms: the Vroonzaal and the Wellezaal. The largest room has a capacity of up to 65 people. Both rooms are equipped with free WiFi, a beamer,




The Wellezaal is the smallest of our 2 rooms with a capacity of 20 people in U-shape and 40 people in theater. The room is quiet and equipped with daylight, a big screen and beamer if desired.


The Vroonzaal is our largest room with a capacity of 30 people in a U-shape and 65 people in a theater setup. This room is also quietly located in the green and provided with natural light. A screen and beamer are at your disposal if desired.

Wellezaal and Vroonzaal

The rooms can also be combined with each other to create a large space, where the intermediate bar becomes visible.

This combination provides a lot of privacy and is ideal for your meeting, team building weekend or party.