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ate: The long matchmaking times and associated errors have been resolved, according to Bungie. A number of other problems are still lingering on both platforms, however. To see what else Bungie is aware of, check out the full list of Destiny 2's known issues. The original story follows. While Destiny 2 players on PS4 have faced connection and crashing issues , the Xbox One version hasn't been entirely issue-free. A new problem involving matchmaking has surfaced that is preventing some players from accessing the Crucible and certain cts of the game. Bungie confirmed on Twitter that it's aware of issues with "long matchmaking times," which may present the error code Mongoose.

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Medals are preset rewards or bonuses given in Halo: Reach 's Campaign , Multiplayer and Firefight modes, when players perform specific actions. These usually involving the killing of enemies or rival players. There are a total of medals in the game, or if the beta only medal is counted, and a total of medal images existing on Bungie. While in previous games the medals required consecutive kills to receive the medal i. In addition, multi-kill medals are also handed out much more readily.

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